CubeField flash game is an easy 3D video game but incredibly addicting graphics flash. Use your LEFT and RIGHT ARROWS to send your little grey vessel through a space overflowing of cubes and move to the side the oncoming blocks as far as you can. The objective is drive as far as you can and achieve the highest scores. As cubefield online game progress farther you will come across various painted dies and placed in different structures. Cubefield is online game which tests your reaction talents and make them more powerful while you play the game. That can look a little bit trivial but you would discover that the game is tough. Cubefield is a flash game with no ending, that shows that you can fly till you hit cube on your way and one of the most useful feature is the points you got for your attempt. The more points you receive – the higher your rank in cubefield game will be.

Instructions to play: Remember that, the speed of your cubefield ship steadily increases as you keep playing.